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Special packages for learning languages
immersed in REAL-LIFE situations

*Pizzeria Nerone - Via del Moro 43. Trastevere - Roma.

Naturally leavened dough for 48 hours, cooked in a wood oven, top quality ingredients, homemade desserts.

Conversation with native speakers in a pizzeria

How often do you eat pizza?

Why don't you speak a foreign language in the meantime?
We invite you to eat a good but really good pizza with the language teacher.

Thanks to the collaboration with Pizzeria Nerone * in Trastevere, we offer an affordable price that includes:

1 Classic Pizza + 1 drink + 1 hour of conversation with the teacher.

- Contact the institute to choose the days and times available.
- Buy the most suitable package. (1 meeting, 2 meetings, 4 meetings)
- The institute checks your level of linguistic knowledge and your fields of interest to prepare topics to be spoken.
-The meeting is not a lesson, but the conversation takes place with didactic methodology in order to guarantee the effectiveness of language learning.

Full immersion language practise  in a farmhouse (1 week or 1 weekend)

Spend a weekend or a relaxing week in the midst of nature, eating well and speaking only the language that you've been learning!

In the farmhouse, English will always be spoken. Without studying, you will experience an intense and unforgettable opportunity to communicate in the target language.

Even without offering you a purely school environment, the management, from a pro-active perspective, is able to guarantee you an environment and a highly specialized guide who will take care of your every need.

Language learning through the experience of the therapeutic, fun, effective and fertile creative drama.

The course, entirely in English, is an excellent opportunity to practice English in a real environment and to eliminate the fear of the public through an exploratory journey.

It is recommended for participants who have completed at least an intermediate level in terms of knowledge of the language.

This course is useful not only to improve one's foreing language, but also to express oneself consciously, improving the dynamics of the empathic relationship, increasing one's self-esteem and self-motivation, in a cordial environment outside of judgments and preconceptions.
A meditation path will allow you to develop leadership, improve teamwork and the relationship with work colleagues.

Participants will have the opportunity to communicate in the target language through the following exercises:

Proprioceptive sense
Body expression
I listen
Poetic and dramatic reading and acting, the monologue, the dialogue
Analysis and identification of the character - study of the counter-character
Human feelings: intention and subtext
Narrative techniques: fairy tales, tales and legends
Exercises on compositions by authors: Molière, Shakespeare, Cechov, Jarry, Beckett, Ionesco, Brecht, De Filippo, M.Frayn, etc.


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