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* The following judgements were spontaneously expressed during the lessons, to Mrs. İclal Aydın Margariti, by her students. We're sharing them  with their permission:

"For the first time a teacher has understood what I need."
  Francesca Sica (Economist - Confindustria)

"Sei is my favorite teacher. But not only a teacher, she is also an expert on the human soul. Thank you for your patience, my excellent teacher."
 Vittorio Verdone (Director- ANIA)

"The program is varied and imaginative; you won't get bored. You are absolutely able to understand what the student's level of knowledge is."
Ermelinda Catanese (Purchasing manager-Italian Railways)

"Sei is a patient and professional teacher. Studying English with you is pleasant as well as useful. I see that your teaching method has been very effective." Pierluigi Pica (Manager-Terna)



"The program is excellent. Very professional. I am happy with your alternative ways of getting in touch with the culture, history, customs of the society I am going to study." Anna Maria Plebani (Ambasciata di Turchia)



Knowing a language and being able to teach it are two different things. We reject doctrinal outlines and believe that each student has their own way of learning, which is why we have developed a methodological synthesis.

During the courses, materials from the real life are used. Students do not learn passively. They are stimulated to use the spoken and written language thanks to the good use of videos, internet, newspapers, magazines, television programs, music, cinema and theater.
Our students often believe that our lessons, in addition to being perfect for studying the language, are also pleasant friend meetings to chat about current events, life, the world and art.

The collaborating teachers are native and/or bilingual speakers; and qualified with a university teaching diploma or with international recognition (TEFL, CELTA, DITALS, etc.). They are friendly, empathetic, available and follow the didactic program defined by the Director of Studies.

How we customize the courses:

Many language schools claim to offer tailor-made courses, but only a few of them do it really. Taking a level exam and choosing a book is not enough to customize a course.
At the beginning of the course we carry out an entrance test together with a questionnaire for the assessment of the initial level, needs, individual fields of interest. The didactic material, the topics, the films, etc. will be customized in reference to this questionnaire. The package ends with the final assessment test after which the "Certificate of Attendance" may be requested with an indication of the level reached.

Double warranty check:
Our students regularly receive letters, emails or telephone calls from the Direction of Studies to verify their real satisfaction.

Not only the student but also the teacher is constantly followed. The teacher, on a weekly basis, delivers a report to the Direction of Studies, containing the details of all the activities carried out in the class.

This way allows a double check on the didactic profile of the program.

How long does it take to learn?

Usually the transition from one level to the next (for example from beginner to pre-intermediate) takes about 70-100 hours of study.

The time required to reach the desired level depends on the size of the group, the frequency of lessons, the speed of learning, the time dedicated to English (such as homework and daily use of the target language).

Quadro comune europeo di riferimento per la conoscenza delle lingue

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages



























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